April 11th

April 11th

St. Cinco Day

St. Cinco Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on April 11, which represents the midway point between St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. St. Cinco Day invites everyone to take on a “best of both worlds” mentality, and combine the spirit and merriment from each holiday.

Does your family have a mixed background?….even better! and all more reason to join the fiesta. Raise a glass to remember the year’s fun from St. Patrick’s Day while getting prepared for Cinco de Mayo.

Special Music: Get the full “Irish Salsa” playlist here. Is it possible that a whole genre of music exists that mixes Traditional Irish music with the rhythms of Latin America? Well the answer is yes, and its refreshing, and fun. Some essential bands that play within this unique style are “La Unica” (full disclosure - we wrote this post), “Salsa Celtica”, “Baile An Salsa”, and “Celtas Cortos”.

Special Drink: The “San Patricio” - A Guinness and Corona layered pour. Yes you can mix Guinness with almost anything, and this mix is perfect for the occasion. How to pour.

Special Food: “Irish Nachos” - Yes this is a thing! Chips, bacon, chives, cheese, and Guinness. It’s a great combination. Get the full recipe here.

Here is a list of interesting stories related to this topic. Do you have an interesting story about St. Cinco Day? Does your family have this unique mix? We’d love to hear your story. Email us your story at contact@launicamusic.com.

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(St. Cinco Day is not to be confused with St. Patrick’s Day, which occurs on March 17, or Cinco de Mayo, which occurs on May 5, or Mexican Independence Day, which occurs on September 16.)

Observed by: Americans, Mexican Americans, Irish Americans, Americans with Mixed Heritages.